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Head/ Coordinators

Heads of Departments

  1. Prof. (Mrs). P. Premanandarajah - Head/Dept. of Agric. Chemistry
  2. Dr. (Mrs). N. Rodney Fernando - Head/Dept. of Agric. Biology
  3. Mr.R.Thivyatharsan - Actg. Head/Dept. of Animal Science
  4. Dr. T. Geretharan - Head/Dept. of Crop Science
  5. Mrs. T. Geretharan - Head/Dept. of Agric. Economics
  6. Mr. M. Rajendran - Head/Dept. of Agric. Engineering


Directors & Coordinators

Director for CENSARM                                        

Prof.(Mrs.).Thayamini H Seran                                                               

Chairperson for Faculty Research & Publication Committee     

Dr.(Mrs).T. Geretharan

Focal Point for Corporate Plan/Action Plan            

Prof. (Mrs).P.Premanandarajah                                                                

Chairperson for Faculty  Curriculum  Development  Committee                                     

Dr.(Mrs).N.Rodney Fernando                                                                   

Chairperson for Timetable Committee              

Dr.(Mrs).T. Geretharan                                                                               

Academic Advisor for Faculty students             


Editor for AGRIEAST Journal                             

Mr R.Thivyatharsan                                                                                               

Associate Editor for AGRIEAST Journal           

Dr.(Mrs).T. Geretharan                                                                                          

Coordinator for Diploma in Animal Production Technology (DAPT)                         

Dr M.Pagthinathan                                                                                     

Coordinator for Diploma in Agriculture           

Mrs Amuthini Sugirtharan (Actg)                                                                       

Coordinator for Higher Degree Program (HDP)  M.Phil & M.Sc.

Mr M.Rajendran      


Coordinator for Faculty Quality Assurance Cell (FQAC)                                         

 Dr.(Mrs).T. Geretharan                                                                                                      

Coordinator for Career Guidance Unit              

Mr M.Rajendran                                                                                          

Coordinator for Industrial Linkage Unit           

Dr M.Sugirtharan                                                                                        

Coordinator for B.Sc. in  Nutrition  and  Dietetics(BND)                                                                               

 Mrs Amuthini Sugirtharan                                                                                               

Coordinator for Staff Development Center (SDC)            

Mrs Amuthini Sugirtharan                                                                        

Coordinator for University Business Linkage                                

 Mrs E.D.J.Prince                                                                                         

Faculty Rep. for University Business Linkage                                

Mrs.E.D.J.Prince &  Mr.G.Hariharan                                                                                            

Coordinator for External Degree Program                                   

Mr M.Rajendran                                                                                          

Faculty Rep.  for the Senate                                                         

Mr R.Thivyatharsan,
Mrs B.Karunarathna                                                                                              

Faculty Rep. for Library Committee                                           


Faculty Rep. for Gender Equality/Equity Cell                            

Mr.M.Rajendran & Mrs.B.Karunarathna                                                                         

Faculty Rep. for Career Guidance Program                                   

Mrs B.Karunarathna & Mrs E.D.J.Prince

Editor for Faculty Newsletter 2021                                                                      

Dr R.Easwaran

Coordinator for Undergraduate Research Forum  2021                         

 Mr G.Hariharan

Senior Treasurer for Faculty Students   2019/2020                                         

 Mrs E.D.J.Prince