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Department of Agricultural Biology

Welcome to Department of Agricultural Biology

The Department of Agricultural Biology is one among the six Departments in the Faculty of Agriculture. As a whole there are one professor and five academic staff members in the level of Probationary/Senior Lecturer Gr. II & I attached to this Dept; There are three non-academic staff working in this Dept; a senior staff technical officer, a lab attendant and a labourer. There is a laboratory to conduct different Agricultural Biology related practical subjects. A Microbiology laboratory is also attached to this Dept. Theory lessons are conducted in the lecture halls allocated for the Faculty of Agriculture. A mushroom section and a net-house for crop garden are managed by this Dept. The main tasks of this Dept. are to administer the activities pertaining to Agricultural Biology, providing guidance in conducting lectures and performing research in Agricultural Biology.

Facilities available at Department of Agricultural Biology

The department of Agricultural Biology has experts in plant physiology, entomology, pathology, etc. Also, it has laboratories to facilitate the research on plant physiology, entomology, pathology, microbiology, plant breeding and so on. A plant net house and rice ponds are managed by the department to enable the teaching programme of agriculture undergraduates and research of staff.