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Department of Agricultural Chemistry

Welcome to Department of Agricultural Chemistry

The Department of Agricultural Chemistry is the major contributor to the four year degree, during the first three years, students are taught some basic courses in Food science and Soil Science and several other courses related to Food Technology, Human Nutrition, Soil Science, Soil Fertility and Soil Pollution. During the Final year, students follow specialization courses on highly subject specific topics. It has well equipped laboratories to conduct research and a pilot plant for commercialization of the research outputs. In the first semester of the final year students assigned to undergo intensive in-plant training in leading Industries or Research Institutes. The students are guided to carry out research projects where they can integrate knowledge in the identification, description, analysis and solution of problem with in their specialization. The Department conducts the M.Sc. and Ph. D. (Research) program in Food Processing Technology and Food Science & Nutrition. We are also conducting workshops, seminars and consultation services to benefit the society. These events are conducted in collaboration with eminent scientists of international caliber. The Department offers a Community Development Programme by assisting the farmers in the area to enhance the socio-economic status of them through improving the Food processing technologies.

Being an interdisciplinary subject, soil science provides an in-depth knowledge on physical, chemical and biological properties of tropical soils essential for sustainable soil management. Theoretical aspects are blended with laboratory, analytical and field skills for farm-level applications. Soil genesis and classification focus on better land use planning. Subjects covered under soil fertility provide a detailed knowledge essential for maximum fertilizer use efficiency. Detecting soil and water pollutants is also given due consideration in order to control soil degradation. The staff in Soil Science is engaged in research on various aspects of Soil Science such as soil fertility, nutrient dynamics in soil, organic matter studies, pesticide movement in soil, microbial degradation, pollution of soil and water, soil acidity and improvement of degraded soils and classification of Sri Lankan soils.