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Centre for Sustainable Agriculture and Resource Management

Centre for Sustainable Agriculture and Resource Management (CENSARM)

Eastern University, Sri Lanka

The Eastern University, Sri Lanka was established on the 1st October 1986 by a University Order dated 26th September 1986 issued under Section 2 of the Universities Act No: 16 of 1978. The University was preceded by the Batticaloa University College established on the 1st August 1981 to fulfill the long felt need for the development of the Higher Educational Institution in the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka. The Batticaloa University College began with two Faculties: The faculty of Agriculture and the Faculty of Science and two new Faculties, the Faculty of Commerce and Management and the Faculty of Cultural Studies were established in 1988. In 2005, the Faculty of Health Care Sciences was established in the University and located in Batticaloa town. A campus of the Eastern University functions at Trincomalee with the Faculties of Applied Sciences and Communication and Business Studies. The Swami Vipulananda College of Music and Dance (SVCMD) was established in 1981 and was subsequently handed over to the Eastern University in 2001.

Faculty of Agriculture

The Faculty of Agriculture is one of the four faculties of the university. Establishment of the Faculty of Agriculture in the EUSL was a response to the long felt need for development of these three districts with respect to higher education. The faculty was also expected to serve as a catalyst for the agricultural and economic development of the region. The agricultural education offered, and the agricultural research pursued by the university, cater to the special needs of the region.

The Faculty of Agriculture, EUSL has well established six Departments with Crop and Livestock farms, about 15 acres in extent for teaching purposes and for the issue of seed and planting materials and breeding stock of farm animals to the public. Equipment and laboratory facilities for teaching and research are available in each Department of study. The faculty has established a Centre for Sustainable Agriculture and Resource Management (CENSARM) in 1996. The mission of the Faculty, in line with Government policy to modernise agriculture and eradicate poverty is "to produce men and women of the highest professional standard contributing towards technology enhancement, dissemination of knowledge and skill and involvement in sustained productivity in the Agricultural sector of Sri Lanka”.