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Members of the Faculty Board of Agriculture 

# Name Designation
1 Prof. (Mrs). P. Premanandarajah Dean/Faculty of Agriculture (Chairperson)
2 Prof. (Mrs). T. H. Seran Professor in Crop Science
3 Prof. S. Sutharsan Head/Dept. of Crop Science
4 Prof. M. Pagthinathan Professor in the Dept. of Animal Science
5 Pro.(Mrs.). R. F. Niranjana Head/Dept. of Agric. Biology
6 Prof. M. Sugirtharan Professor in Agric. Engineering
7 Dr(Mrs.). K. Thirumarpan Head/Dept. of Agric. Economics
8 Dr. M. S.M. Nafees Head/Dept. of Animal Science
9 Mrs. A. Sugirtharan Head/Dept. of Agric. Chemistry
10 Mrs. E. D. J. Prince Head/Dept. of Agric. Engineering
11 Dr. K. Premakumar Senior Lecturer, Gr. I/Agric. Chemistry
12 Mr. R. Thivyatharsan Senior Lecturer, Gr. I/Agric. Engineering
13 Mrs. T. Kirupananthan Senior Lecturer, Gr. I/Agric. Economics
14 Mr. S. Srikrishnah Senior Lecturer, Gr. I/Crop Science
15 Dr(Mrs.). B. Raveendrakumaran Senior Lecturer, Gr. I/Agric. Engineering
16 Dr. K. Prasannath Senior Lecturer, Gr. I/Agric. Biology
17 Dr. T. M. S. A. Tennakoon Senior Lecturer, Gr. II/Agric. Biology
18 Mr. G. Niroash Rep. of Lecturer (Prob.)/Agric. Engineering
19 Mrs. V. Liyinthan Rep. of Lecturer (Prob.)/Animal Science
20 Mrs. P. Raviraj Appointed member
21 Mr. R. Sivanean Appointed member
22 Dr (Mrs.). M. Amirthalingam Appointed member
23 Ms. B. N. C. Bulathsinhala Rep. of Students
24 Ms. M. A. M. S. Manorathne Rep. of Students
25 Mr. M. Rameskaran Farm Manager (On Invitation)
  Mrs. M. F. U. Safaya AR/Agriculture
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