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Department of Animal Science

Welcome to Department of Animal Science

Department of Animal Science was established in August 1981 in the Faculty of Agriculture, Eastern University, Sri Lanka. The mission of the Department is to be an excellent source for knowledge and innovation in Animal Agriculture.

The Department teaches all aspects of Livestock Production, Livestock Product Technology, and Fisheries and Aquaculture to the students of the Faculty of Agriculture following B.Sc. in Agriculture degree programme. It is also involved in the teaching of the students following M.Sc. in Agriculture. In addition, the Department conducts out-reach programmes for farmers and school students on Livestock Production, and Livestock Product Technology. The academic staff of the Department also engaged in research and livestock development programs at the regional level.

In order to facilitate the practical skills of the students, and research activities of both the staff and students, the Department maintains a livestock farm with a cattle and buffalo unit, goat and sheep unit, poultry unit, swine unit, rabbit unit, and pasture unit. In addition, there are mainly three laboratories namely Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory, Nutrition Laboratory and Milk Processing Unit to facilitate laboratory analyses.