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Supervision of Research Project

Supervisor: Prof. T. Mahandran

Master of Science in Food Processing Technology

2007: A study on incorporation of Maize flour into wheat flour in bread making (Mr. Singanayam Umashagar)
2007: Comparative Nutritional study and minimal processing of dark green leafy vegetable found in Batticaloa District (Ms. Suraiya Mohamed Noorul Mubeen)
2007: Nutritional status of pre-school children aged below 5 years in Manmunai South Eruvil Pattu Divisional Secratarient (Mr. Thavarajah Saravanan)
2007: Nutritional and sensory qualities of buffalo curd produced from Batticaloa (Mrs.Vigneshwary Manivannan)
2007: Comparative studies on post-harvest handling of Rice using combine harvester and traditional methods (Mr. Kanapathipillai Elakkanakumar)
2007: Osmo-Air drying of Pineapple fruits (Mrs. Amuthenie Sugirtharan)
2007: The diabetic patients and balance diet maintaining in Trincomalee district (Vanagamoorthi Jeyakanthan)

B.Sc (Agric)

1995: A study of osmotic dehydration of pineapple fruit (Mr. Chelliah. Thaninayagam)
1996: A study on evaluation of weaning foods available in Sri Lanka (Ms. Sothiluxmi Sivapragasam)
1998: Effect of pruning cycle on the quality of Tea in Dimbulla design of Sri Lanka (Ms. Sharmjla Balendran)
1998: Substitution of maize flour for wheat flour in the production of value-added biscuits. (Ms. Selvamalar Selvarajah)
1998: Value addition of peanut, gingelly and coconut based biscuits (Ms. Dharshini Thampapillai )
1999: Study on the development of soybean incorporated breakfast cereal adopting drum drying technology (Mr. Ganesharatnam Muralitharan)
1999: Product development of Banana (Ms. Pasavathani Sunthararajah)
2000: Osmotic dehydration of Mango fruit (Ms. Gowrilaksmi Gowridasan)
2000: Effect of combined postharvest treatments to maintain the quality and prolong the shelf life of Tomatoes (Mr. C. Nixon Sylvester)
2000: Preservation of tamarind as a convenient seasoning (Ms. Bavatharani Thiyagarajah)
2000: Development of Maize-Soy-Based supplement food and evaluation of quality parameters (Mr. Somasudaram Sutharsan)
2002: Increase the keeping quality of brewed Tea by adding antioxidants (Mr. C. Edirisuriya)
2002: Effect of chemical preservatives on the nutritional and sensory qualities of yoghurt (Mr. Mohamed Mohideen Mohamed Uwais)
2002: Effect of standard of leaf and withering percentage on the Bulk density of Made Tea (Mr. Athula Gunartne)
2003: Studies on the formulation of pineapple Ginger beverage Blend (Ms. Subasene Ratnam)
2006: Effect of different preservatives and temperatures on the quality and shelf life of cut pineapple cubes (Ms. Laura Shiromi Aruliah)
2006: Development of Palmyrah odial based Breakfast cereal mixture (Ms. Krishanthi Pathmanathan)
2007: Effect of preservatives on the nutritional and sensory qualities of papaya fruit bar (Ms. Mythrayie Sriskantharajah)
2007: Physico-chemical and Sensory Attributes of Osmotically Dehydrated Jakfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus Lam.). (Mr. Kandeeparoopan. Prasannath)
2007: Effect of Chemical preservatives and temperatures on the quality of Banana puree (Mr. Krishnapillai Jegatheeswaran)
2007: A study on the effect of chemical preservatives on quality and shelf life of milk at selected areas in the batticaloa district (Mr. Kandasamy Harihararaj)
2007: Development of pineapple powder based product (Ms. Thivani Mahendravarathan)
2009: Development and quality characteristics of Green Mango Powder(Amchur). (Ms. Praveena Sebamalai)
2009: Development and quality characteristics of protein enriched wheat soybean biscuits (Ms. Diana Banureka velupillai)
2009: Development of bread supplemented with sweet potato flour and assessment of quality characteristics (Ms. Bahirathy Baskaran)
2009: Pectin skin coating for green mature Tomatoes to extend the shelf life at different storage temperatures (Ms. Evanjalin Delina Felix)
2010: Quality and storage studies of infant porridge mixtures formulated from Rice and Pulses (Ms. Ragupiriya Shanmuganathan)
2010: Preparation storage of Ready-To-Serve beverage from palmyrah fruit pulp (Ms. Egnesh Nulugin Subamalai)
2011: Nutritional and Organoleptic evaluation of cassava flour substituted NAAN (Ms. Kirishalini Kirinthiran)
2011: Effect of Baking temperature on the quality and shelf life of kurakkan flakes flour on diabetic patients (Ms. Suganya Kirupacaran)
2013: Preparation and storage of pineapple blend watermelon Ready-To-Serve beverage (Ms. Saranyah Kangesu)
2013: Development and quality evaluation of wheat sweet potato flour composite cookies (Ms. Fathima Jemziya Baseer)
2014: Evaluation of quality characteristics of nutritionally enriched Biscuits prepared from wheat defeated coconut flour (Ms. Sujirtha Nadarajah)
2014: Nutritional and sensory qualities of protein and iron enriched porridge formulated from Maize germinated green gram and Moringa leaves (Ms. Inthuja Yogarajah)
2015: Formulation and development of shelf life bar with no added preservatives stable composite nutrient (Ms. Buddhini Prasangika Gunathilaka)
2015: Lifestyle pattern on Type 2 diabetes in Batticaloa district (Mr. Aathimoolam Prasanth)
2015: Development and storage Ginger blend with lime Ready-To-Serve functional beverage, sweetened by palmyrah sugar candy (Mr. Ganeshamoorthi Hariharan)
2016: Development of fruit leather using five tropical fruits (Mr. D.B.G Madusanga)
2016: Influence of different storage temperatures on the wheat flour quality parameters during short term storage (Ms. Sujitha Jesurajan)
2016: Production of Ready-To-Cook dehydrated vegetable mixture (Mr. D.G.C. Asanga Bandara)

Supervisor: Dr. (Mrs.)P.Premanandarajah

B.Sc (Agric)

2004: Effect of locally available organic amendments on nitrogen recovery of red onion grown in sandy regosols (Shivapriya Vettivel )
2010: Effect of locally availabl;e amendments on nitrogen retention and performance of okra (Abelmoschus Esculentus) grown in sandy regosols. (Sulaima Lebbe Jumana, Haseen)
2011 /12: Impact of urea integration with different organic manures & enrichment of paddy straw on C:N ratio, N availability and microbial activity in sandy regosol. (Heerthihah, Sivasegaram)
2011/12: Impacts of Reddish brown earth & locally available organic manures on nitrogen, phosphorus retention & physic chemical properties of sandy regosols. (Gayathri . Arumugam )
2013: Impact of Leaching with Organic Amendments on Reclamation of Saline Soil. (Mirththika Thangarajah)
2013: Study on the Effectiveness of Organic Amendments on Physico-Chemical Properties of Saline Soil and the Growth Performance of Onion and Rice on these Reclaimed Soils. (Manithy Chellathamby –)
2014: Impact of organic, natural and conventional farming systems on physical and chemical properties of soil, vakarai, batticaloa. (S.M.Risma)
2014: Effect of combine use of organic manures and inorganic fertilizer on nitrogen fixation and performance of cowpea grown in sandy Regosol (T . H. Hemananthy)
2014: Nitrogen Use Efficiency and Growth Performance of Okra (Abelmoschus esculentus (L.) Moench) in Sandy Regosol Amended with Locally Available Organic Manures and Urea Integrations. (Dona Harshani Shanika Wickramasinghe)
2015: Effect of Sulphate of Potash and Partially Burnt Paddy Husk on the Growth Performance of Rice (Oryza Sativa L.) in Saline Soil (M. Kanimoli)
2015/16: Study on the impact of combination of different c:n ratio organic amendments (D.K.S.M.Daraniyagala (Cowshalya))
2015/16: Effect of different levels of potassium on growth and yield of mung bean (Wickramasinghage Shashima Anuradhi Wickramasinghe)
2015/16: Comparison of walkley and black method with loss of ignition to determine soil organic carbon contents in soils of badulla district (Tharanga Niroshani Rajapaksha )

Supervisor: Mrs.K.Prapagar

B.Sc (Agric)

2014: Effect of application of different rate of dolomite on soil available phosphorus status in tea growing soils (Miss.S. Kavitha)
2014: Effect of different level of salinity on organic manure decomposition (Miss.S.Kirubasini)
2015: Effect of salt stress on germination and growth performance of vegetable cowpea (Vigna unguiculata) (Miss S.M.M.S.Himaya)
2016: Effect of gypsum and cow dung on nitrogen and Phosphorus leaching in sandy soil (Miss V. Vinojini)
2016: The effect of different rate sequential application of nirogen on growth and yield of Capsicum (capsicum annum l) (Mr.W.R.A.G.Madhusanka)
2016: Nitrogen release patterns of urea and nano urea fertilizer under two contrasting soil moisture regimes (2016) (Miss K.M.Chaya Dharmasena)