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Postgraduate Programme

1) MAG 1107 - Integrated Pest Management

The students will be able to:

  1. Integrate the principles of pest management into the environmentally sound management of cropping systems and other ecosystems.
  2. Utilize critical thinking principles for pest management decision-making.
  3. Apply current pest management principles to crop production and situations where pest management is critical.

Reading Lists

  1. A textbook of Integrated Pest Management
    Edited by G S Dhaliwal, Ram Singh and Vikas Jindal
  2. Elements of Economic Entomology
    Edited by B. Vasantharaj David and V. V. Ramamurthy
  3. Insect Pest Management
    Edited by David Dent
  4. Introduction to Insect Pest Management
    Edited by Robert L. Metcalf, William H. Luckmann

2) MAG 1203: Plant Breeding Techniques
The students will be able to:

  1. Estimate the benefaction of plant breeding to crop improvement and create an idea about genetic modification techniques.
  2. Understand the strategies of breeding economically important crops.
  3. Critically evaluate the scientific principles behind the plant breeding to design plant molecular breeding strategies.
  4. Critically discuss the solution of problems in plant breeding perspectives and to adopt analytical and quantitative approaches.

Reading Lists

  1. George A. (2012). Principles of Plant Genetics and Breeding. 2nd Edition. John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. 758 p.
  2. Chahal G. S. and Gosal S. S. (2002). Principles and procedures of plant breeding. Alpha Science International Ltd. 609 p.
  3. Mahabal R. (2014). Plant breeding methods. PHI Learning Private Ltd. 692p.
  4. Yunbi Xu (2012). Molecular Plant Breeding.752 p.

3) MAG 1204: Environmental Physiology

  1. Study plant responses to the physical environment.
  2. Study water in the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum and on environmental effects on photosynthesis.
  3. Interactions between individual plants and their chemical and biological environments are being investigated.

Reading Lists:

  1. Plants and Microclimate: A quantitative approach to environmental plant physiology 3rd edition (2014) by Hamlyn G. Joues - Cambridge University Press.
  2. Environmental Plant Physiology by Neil Willey (2016). Pages 320
  3. Environmental Physiology of Plants by Alastair H. Fitter et al. 3rd edition
  4. Physicochemical and Environmental Plant Physiology 4th edition 2009 by Park S. Nobel. Elsevier. Academic Press. 600 Pages.