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Welcome to the University Farm

The Faculty of Agriculture at EUSL was established in 1981 with a response to the long felt need for sustainable development of the Eastern Province with respect to higher education and agricultural development. At the moment, the role of the Faculty of Agriculture is more vital with regard to Research, Training, and Extension in Agriculture in the region.

At the national level, there is a growing concern to produce the employable agricultural graduates. In this context, The Faculty of Agriculture identified this need of the country and revised its academic curricula to produce better trained agricultural graduates with technical ‘do-how’ rather than ‘know-how’. This will increase the employability of the graduates within Sri Lanka and in overseas. Further, new technologies need to be introduced to farmers in the region. As such some improved Agricultural technologies have been introduced in the Crop Farm and Livestock Farm, Faculty of Agriculture, Eastern University, Sri Lanka.

Goal and Objectives


Major goal of this initiative is to build up a strong practical training oriented degree programme in agriculture and capacity building of the farming community towards technology enhancement, dissemination of knowledge and skill for sustained productivity in the agricultural sector of the region.


• To provide on hand training for undergraduates on improved agricultural technologies
• To carry out researches to solve problems faced by farmers
• To Issue the planting materials and breeding stock of livestock to the farmers
• To be a demonstration place relevant to the Agricultural sector in the region
• To conduct training programmes to the farmers and other stakeholders in the region