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Undergraduate Programme

First year First Semester
AB 1101 – Botany of Agricultural Crops (Lecturer In-charge: Dr. S. Mahendran)

First year Second Semester
AB 1201 - Entomology (Lecturer In-charge: Dr. Mrs. R.F. Niranjana)
AB 1202 – Agricultural Microbiology (Lecturer In-charge: Mr. K. Prasannath)

Second year First Semester
AB 2101 – Plant Physiology (Lecturer In-charge: Dr. S. Mahendran)
AB 2102 – Principles of Genetics (Lecturer In-charge: Ms. W. Shanika)

Second year Second Semester
AB 2201 – Plant Pathology and Disease Management (Lecturer In-charge: Mr. K. Prasannath)

Third year First Semester
AB 3101 – Crop Improvement Technology (Lecturer In-charge: Ms. W. Shanika)
AB 3102 – Insect Pest Management (Lecturer In-charge: Dr. Mrs. R.F. Niranjana)

Third year Second Semester
AB 3201 – Plant Resistance to Pests (Lecturer In-charge: Dr. Mrs. R.F. Niranjana)


Research Findings