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Undergraduate Programme

UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAMME - Subjects offered by the Department

First year First Semester
AE 1101 Farm Mechanization (Mrs.R.Bawatharani)
AE 1102 Applied Mathematics for Agricultural Science (Mr.R.Thivyatharsan)

First year Second Semester
AE 1201 Engineering Hydrology and Hydraulics (Mr.M.Rajendran)

Second year First Semester
AE 2101 Environmental Conservation Engineering (Mr.R.Thivyatharsan)

Second year Second Semester
AE 2201 Irrigation and Water Management (Mr.M.Sugirtharan)

Third year First Semester
AE 3101 Postharvest Technology (Mrs.R.Bawatharani)

Third year Second Semester
AE 3201 Farm Structures and Elementary Survey (Mrs.E.D.J.Prince)

Fourth year First Semester
AE 4101 Meteorology and Geo-informatics (Mrs.E.D.J.Prince)

Advanced Courses
AE 4104 Advanced Watershed Management (Mr.M.Sugirtharan)
AE 4105 Advanced Farm Mechanization (Mrs.R.Bawatharani)
AE 4107 Environmental Impact Assessment (Mr.R.Thivyatharsan)
AE 4108 Waste Management (Mr.R.Thivyatharsan)
AE 4110 Water Quality for Agriculture (Mr.M.Sugirtharan)