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RESEARCH (Students research/project)

Recent Research

SNO Year Names Title Supervisor
1 2022 L. Sanjaya Impact of calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium ions on the persistence of soil water repellency in the cultivated grassland of farm, Palacholai, EUSL Mr.R.Thivyatharsan
2 2022 R. T. Rajapaksha Effect of moisture content, electrical conductivity and acidity on soil water repellency in the cultivated grassland of farm, EUSL Mr.R.Thivyatharsan
3 2022 S. A. K. D. G. Subasinghe Comparison of persistence of soil water repellency in the cultivated grass land and undisturbed bushland of farm, Palacholai, EUSL Mr.R.Thivyatharsan
4 2022 R. M. D. M. Rathnayake Study on the relations between the persistence and intensity of soil water repellency in Casuarina plantation under the dry condition Mr.R.Thivyatharsan
5 2022 W.D. Rasangika Dilshani Assessment of well water quality in Uhana DSD of Ampara District, Sri Lanka Dr.M.Sugirtharan
6 2022 K. Mayoorika Effect of Different irrigation intervals on growth and yield of Okra (EUOK-2) grown in sandy soil of Palacholai area. Dr.M.Sugirtharan
7 2022 R. Yathusa Assessment of irrigation water quality at selected villages of Eravur pattu DS division in Batticaloa District, Sri Lanka Dr.M.Sugirtharan
8 2022 N.F. Sajina Analyzing the evaporation rate of different water sources with special reference to salinity Dr.M.Sugirtharan
9 2022 S. Thirumaran Development of a digital device for the automation of Class A Evaporation Pan Measurement based on modified Mayer’s formula for local climatic conditions Mr.M.Rajendran
10 2022 T. Nilojan A study on variation of groundwater quality in Mannar Island Mr.M.Rajendran
11 2022 Shanika Ranaweera Performance Assessment of Irrigated Agricultural Systems using comparative indicators – A case of Polonnaruwa District, Sri Lanka Mr.M.Rajendran
12 2022 P.A.P.N. Perera Impact of Land Surface Temperature on Mangrove Forest Cover in Negombo Lagoon Mrs.E.Delina J.Prince
13 2022 H.G.K. Dhananjani Comparison on Spatial based Rainfall Estimation Methods for Matara District Sri Lanka Mrs.E.Delina J.Prince
14 2022 K.H.K. Thabrew A Study on Elevational based Land use Land cover Distribution in Galle District, Sri Lanka Mrs.E.Delina J.Prince
15 2020 W.D.K.J. Darmadasa Effect Of Saline Water On The Growth And Yield
Of Rice (Oryza Sativa): A Review
16 2020 R.V.S.L. Sunanda Effect Of Rice Parboiled Water On Lettuce (Lactuca Sativa) Growth In A Deep Flow Hydroponic System Dr.M.Sugirtharan
17 2020 Arichandren Swethika Effect Of Treated Domestic Wastewater On Growth And Yield Of Okra (Abelmoschus Esculentus) And Bushitao (Vigna Unguiculata) Dr.M.Sugirtharan
18 2020 Ibrahim Imrana Farhan Effect Of Surface And Drip Irrigation On Growth, Yield And Water Use Efficiency Of Okra (Abelmoschus Esculentus) - A Review Dr.M.Sugirtharan
19 2020 S.R.A.S. Rajapaksha Efficiency Of Hydroponic System In Removing The Selected Pollutants Found In The Rice Mill Wastewater In Anuradhapura District Mr.R.Thivyatharsan
20 2020 Harshani Ishara Weerasinghe Efficiency Of Water Hyacinth (Eichhornia Crassipes) In Removing The Selected Pollutants Found In The Dairy Industrial Wastewater Mr.R.Thivyatharsan
21 2020 L.B. Kongahawatta Evaluation Of Different Composting Methods For Solid Waste Generated In Eastern University, Sri Lanka Mr.R.Thivyatharsan
22 2020 K.K. Janani Udeshika Study on Change Detection of Tea Lands by Using Remote Sensing and Gis in Ratnapura DS Division, Ratnapura District, Sri Lanka Mrs.E.Delina J.Prince
23 2020 S.A.S.R. Samarasinghe Temporal Study on Land Surface Temperature and Land Use / Land Cover Distribution In Weligama DS Division, Matara, Sri Lanka Using Remote Sensing Techniques Mrs.E.Delina J.Prince
24 2020 Suthesan Jashika Application Of The Hec-Hms Model For Runoff Simulation In The Catchment Of Thumbankeny Irrigation Scheme, Batticaloa Mr.M.Rajendran
25 2020 Abdul Manaaf Fathima Sumaiya Impact Of Drinking Water Scheme On Agriculture: A Case Study Of Unnichchai Irrigation Scheme, Batticaloa Mr.M.Rajendran
26 2020 Fathima Shaznim Badurdeen Spatio-Temporal Analysis Of Rainfall Variability In Ampara District, Sri Lanka Mr.M.Rajendran
27 2020 Vijayarajah Sujanthika Spatio-Temporal Variability Of Rainfall On Different Irrigation Schemes In Batticaloa Mr.M.Rajendran
28 2019 Mohamed Azaam Time Scale Variation Of Water Quality In Batticaloa Lagoon, Sri Lanka Dr.M.Sugirtharan
29 2019 M.S. Fathima Shahana Effect Of Different Irrigation Intervals On The Growth And Yiled Of Chilli In Sandy Soil Dr.M.Sugirtharan
30 2019 Nanayakkara Kappeti Duwage Uchitha Wathsala Quality Of Irrigation Water In Parakrama Samudraya Canal Command Area, Polonnaruwa District Dr.M.Sugirtharan
31 2019 Thirusan Santhirasekaram Effects Of Moisture Content On Soil Water Repellency In Casuarina Plantation In Kaluwanchikudy, Batticaloa Mr.R.Thivyatharsan
32 2019 W.K.Dasinka Weerasinghe Effects Of Induced Fire On Soil Water Repellency In The Pinus (Pinus Sabiniana) Forest In Welihena, Matara Mr.R.Thivyatharsan
33 2019 Apourvanan Bertrand Effects Of Drying Temperature On Soil Water Repellency In Jambolan (Syzygium Cumini) Natural Forest In Vadduvaakal, Mullattivu Mr.R.Thivyatharsan
34 2019 K.H.M. Aruna Jaya Prasad The Impact Of Tillage Systems On Soil Moisture Dr.(Mrs).R.Bawatharani
35 2019 K.M. Lakmini Nisansala Nitrogen Transformation Models In Soils Dr.(Mrs).R.Bawatharani
36 2019 M.M.A.P.Manike Spatio-Temporal Analyses Of Rainfall Distribution In Kurunegala District, Sri Lanka Mr.M.Rajendran
37 2019 H.M.T.Dilrukshi Performance Assessment Of Irrigated Agricultural Systems According To Comparative Indicators: A Case Study Of Mapakada Division In Mahiyangana, Sri Lanka. Mr.M.Rajendran
38 2018 Niroash Gnanachelvam Variation of Irrigation Water Quality With Pumping Duration at Two Coastal Villages of Batticaloa District Dr.M.Sugirtharan
39 2016 Sahib Lebbe Mohamed Razeem Study On The Present Status Of Weeragoda Irrigation Command Area With Special Reference To Crop And Livestock Production Dr.M.Sugirtharan
40 2016 M.D Udagedara Adoptation of Micro irrigation system for vegetable cultivation in Polonaruwa district Dr.M.Sugirtharan
41 2016 L.B.F. Musatha Farmer’s Awareness and adaptation on climate change in irrigable areas of Trincomalee district. Dr.M.Sugirtharan
42 2016 Supun Piyumali Jayawardena, Farmer’s satisfaction and problems associated with Mahavillachiya tank irrigation among paddy farmers in Anuradhapura district Dr.M.Sugirtharan
43 2016 D.M Upali Jayawardena, Problem identification and the farmer’s satisfaction on the use of Mahaweli irrigation water at mahaweli C zone Dr.M.Sugirtharan
44 2016 J.Jeevasuluxey Efficiency of coagulation processes for the treatment of ground water Mr.R.Thivyatharsan
45 2016 M.A.R.D. P. Wijesinghe Assessment of sub leachate pollution index to determine the heavy metal pollution potential of landfill leachate at Karadiyana landfillsite Mr.R.Thivyatharsan
46 2016 K.B.H.Senavirathna Study on collection, composition and management of Municipal solid waste in the areas of Mirigama urban council Mr.R.Thivyatharsan
47 2016 D.I.E.Senevirathne Influence of cutting height and forward speed on header losses in rice harvesting Dr.(Mrs).R.Bawatharani
48 2016 K.A.D.P.Karunarachchi Estimation of mechanization index and analysis if agricultural productivity in Bandarawela Dr.(Mrs).R.Bawatharani
49 2015 A. Narmilan Spatial variation of some cation concentrations, texture and organic matter content of the bottom sediments in Batticaloa lagoon Dr.M.Sugirtharan
50 2015 J. Muhilini Estimation and characterization of Municipal solid waste generation in Thirukkovil Pradeshiya Sabha Mr.R.Thivyatharsan
51 2015 A.J.F.Rifka Effect of different tillage operations on some selected soil physical hydraulic properties under maize cultivation Dr.(Mrs).R.Bawatharani
52 2014 V. Manaha Preliminary study on the variations of surface water quality of Batticaloa lagoon near urban areas of Batticaloa district Mr.R.Thivyatharsan
53 2014 N. Azeeza Assessment of well water quality in Sinnasippikulum, Vavuniya Mr.R.Thivyatharsan
54 2012 Rajiharan
(Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences & Technology, University of Ruhuna, Matara)     
Treatment Efficiency of Typha latifolia in constructed wetland on the treatment of municipal wastewater 2012. Dr.M.Sugirtharan
55 2011 Thineshkumar, Faculty of Arts and Culture, Eastern University, Sri Lanka A Geographical Study of Paddy Land degradation in Eravur pattu D.S.Division - 2011 Dr.M.Sugirtharan
56 2011 Sahayarani,
Faculty of Arts and Culture, Eastern University, Sri Lanka).  
An assessment about drought issue in Mannar District – 30 years research Dr.M.Sugirtharan
57 2011 T. Venuthasan Climate change awareness and its adaptation at some irrigable areas of Batticaloa District    Dr.M.Sugirtharan
58 2011 Mr. N. Vimalraj, Study on the use of household Rain water harvesting system Batticaloa and Ampara Districts Dr.M.Sugirtharan
59 2011 S. Vigneswaran, Study on the Sustainable use of runoff harvesting tanks in small holder farming systems in Vellavelli area of Batticaloa district Dr.M.Sugirtharan
60 2011 Sri Ranjan
Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences & Technology, University of Ruhuna, Matara              
Effect of dumping site on the ground water resources near by the Thiruperunthurai, Batticaloa. Dr.M.Sugirtharan
61 2010 M.F.M. Janeef Study on present status and development of Unnichchai irrigation command area, Batticaloa District Dr.M.Sugirtharan
62 2010 M. Nithyakumar, Evaluation of water quality in selected mangrove eco system in the Batticaloa district     Dr.M.Sugirtharan
63 2010 A.C. Rifas Study on present status and development of Rugam irrigation command area of the Batticaloa District   Dr.M.Sugirtharan
64 2009 K. Sivakumar Residential solid waste generation in Manmunai North Divisional Secretariat area of Batticaloa Dr.M.Sugirtharan
65 2009  R. Vijayakumar Developing decision support system for on-farm water management in Sri Lanka Dr.M.Sugirtharan
66 2009 K. Thuvarahan Investigation on the groundwater salinity problem in the Madukkarai resettlement village at Mannar District  Dr.M.Sugirtharan
67 2009 M.Yogendran Changes in irrigation water quality with the distance from sea at Kaluthavalai village of Batticaloa district Dr.M.Sugirtharan
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