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RESEARCH (Students research/project)

Recent Research

SNO Year Names Title Supervisor
1 2016 M.D Udagedara Adoptation of Micro irrigation system for vegetable cultivation in Polonaruwa district Mr.M.Sugirtharan
2 2016 L.B.F. Musatha Farmer’s Awareness and adaptation on climate change in irrigable areas of Trincomalee district. Mr.M.Sugirtharan
3 2016 Supun Piyumali Jayawardena, Farmer’s satisfaction and problems associated with Mahavillachiya tank irrigation among paddy farmers in Anuradhapura district Mr.M.Sugirtharan
4 2016 D.M Upali Jayawardena, Problem identification and the farmer’s satisfaction on the use of Mahaweli irrigation water at mahaweli C zone Mr.M.Sugirtharan
5 2015 A. Narmilan, Spatial variation of some cation concentrations, texture and organic matter content of the bottom sediments in Batticaloa lagoon Mr.M.Sugirtharan
6 2012


(Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences & Technology, University of Ruhuna, Matara)     

Treatment Efficiency of Typha latifolia in constructed wetland on the treatment of municipal wastewater 2012. Mr.M.Sugirtharan
7 2011

Thineshkumar, Faculty of Arts and Culture, Eastern University, Sri Lanka

A Geographical Study of Paddy Land degradation in Eravur pattu D.S.Division - 2011 Mr.M.Sugirtharan
8 2011


Faculty of Arts and Culture, Eastern University, Sri Lanka).  

An assessment about drought issue in Mannar District – 30 years research Mr.M.Sugirtharan
9 2011 T. Venuthasan

Climate change awareness and its adaptation at some irrigable areas of Batticaloa District   

10 2011 Mr. N. Vimalraj,

Study on the use of household Rain water harvesting system Batticaloa and Ampara Districts

11 2011 S. Vigneswaran, Study on the Sustainable use of runoff harvesting tanks in small holder farming systems in Vellavelli area of Batticaloa district Mr.M.Sugirtharan
12 2011

Sri Ranjan

Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences & Technology, University of Ruhuna, Matara              

Effect of dumping site on the ground water resources near by the Thiruperunthurai, Batticaloa. Mr.M.Sugirtharan
13 2010 M.F.M. Janeef Study on present status and development of Unnichchai irrigation command area, Batticaloa District Mr.M.Sugirtharan
14 2010 M. Nithyakumar, Evaluation of water quality in selected mangrove eco system in the Batticaloa district     Mr.M.Sugirtharan
15 2010 A.C. Rifas Study on present status and development of Rugam irrigation command area of the Batticaloa District   Mr.M.Sugirtharan
16 2009 K. Sivakumar Residential solid waste generation in Manmunai North Divisional Secretariat area of Batticaloa Mr.M.Sugirtharan
17 2009  R. Vijayakumar

Developing decision support system for on-farm water management in Sri Lanka

18 2009 K. Thuvarahan Investigation on the groundwater salinity problem in the Madukkarai resettlement village at Mannar District  Mr.M.Sugirtharan
19 2009 M.Yogendran

Changes in irrigation water quality with the distance from sea at Kaluthavalai village of Batticaloa district

1 2016 J.Jeevasuluxey Efficiency of coagulation processes for the treatment of ground water Mr.R.Thivyatharsan
2 2016 M.A.R.D. P. Wijesinghe Assessment of sub leachate pollution index to determine the heavy metal pollution potential of landfill leachate at Karadiyana landfillsite Mr.R.Thivyatharsan
3 2016 K.B.H.Senavirathna Study on collection, composition and management of Municipal solid waste in the areas of Mirigama urban council Mr.R.Thivyatharsan
4 2015 J. Muhilini Estimation and characterization of Municipal solid waste generation in Thirukkovil Pradeshiya Sabha Mr.R.Thivyatharsan



2014 V. Manaha Preliminary study on the variations of surface water quality of Batticaloa lagoon near urban areas of Batticaloa district Mr.R.Thivyatharsan
6 2014 N. Azeeza Assessment of well water quality in Sinnasippikulum, Vavuniya Mr.R.Thivyatharsan
1 2015 A.J.F.Rifka Effect of different tillage operations on some selected soil physical hydraulic properties under maize cultivation Mrs.R.Bawatharani
2 2016 D.I.E.Senevirathne Influence of cutting height and forward speed on header losses in rice harvesting Mrs.R.Bawatharani
3 2016 K.A.D.P.Karunarachchi Estimation of mechanization index and analysis if agricultural productivity in Bandarawela Mrs.R.Bawatharani