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Planting the coconut seedlings in the new farm at Palacholai

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The planting of coconut seedlings as the first task in the farm land was done on 05.11.2020 (Thursday) at 10.00 am with the presence of Dr. M Pagthinathan, Dean/Agriculture, Dr. P. Sivarajah, Former Dean/Agriculture, Dr. T. Geretharan, Head/Crop Science, Mrs. T. Geretharan, Head/Agric. Economics, Mr. S. Srikrishna, Senior Lecturer Gr-I/Crop Science, Mrs. B. Karunaredna, Senior Lecturer Gr-II/Crop Science, Mr. G. Harikaran, Lecturer(Prob.)/Agric. Biology, Mr. M Rameskaran/Farm Manager Gr-III, Mr. K. Rajagobal/ Farm Supervisor, Special Grade, Mr. R. Vijayaraj, Farm Supervisor, Lower Grade, Mr. A. Baskaran, STO/Crop Science, Mr. N.Thankavadivel, Laboratory Attendant, Special Grade/Agric. Biology, Mr. S. Kalaichelvan, Nurseryman Gr-I, Mr. T. Krisnamoorthy, Works Aid Gr-III and other staff members of the University Farm.