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Agricultural Day 2022


The Faculty of Agriculture, Eastern University, Sri Lanka organized an Agricultural Day 2022 on the theme “Sustainable agriculture through proper education” on 09-12-2022 with the full involvement of all Departments in the Faculty and Farm. This event was oraganized under the direction of Dean/Agriculture and Heads of the Departments and coordinated by Dr Prasannath, Senior Lecturer, Department of Agricultural Biology.

For this program, the Advanced Level school students from Kalkudah Educational Zone, Batticaloa, were invited through the formal channel. Even with the inclement weather conditions, considerable number of students actively participated and benefited from the above event.

During the programme, the Department of Agricultural Engineering displayed and demonstrated the Meteorological Instruments (Rain gauges, Anemometer, Sunshine Recorder, Pyranometer, Hygrometer, Maximum and Minimum Thermometers and Automatic Weather Station), Surveying and Levelling Equipment (Stadia, Levelling staff, Chain, Peg, Measuring Tape, Arrows and Plain Table), Farm mechanization Implements and Tools (Different types of Ploughs, Rotavator, Tine Tiller, Mud, and Puddling Wheels and Knapsack Sprayer) and Engine Models and Parts (Petrol and Diesel Engines, Two Stroke and Four Stroke Engines, Engine Block, Piston, Piston Rod and so on). The Department of Agricultural Chemistry conducted demonstrations on the determination of soil colour, texture, pH, electrical conductivity, and density. Also, the Sauerkraut making process was explained with a display. The Department of Agricultural Biology displayed and explained the important insect pests and the equipment, such as laminar flow hood, autoclave, colony counter, growth chamber, Soxhlet apparatus, etc. The Department of Animal Science explained sausage and yogurt making and the tools relevant to livestock management. The Department of Crop Science demonstrated micropropagation techniques and a hydroponic system. The University farm has cultivated around 50 varieties of crops and 08 varieties of fodders in the new field, Palacholai, for demonstration purposes. Also, the farm demonstrated different types of compost making, nursery bed sterilization, and nursery management and explained the grafting and budding practically.