Members of the Faculty Board of Agriculture 

01. Dr.M.Pagthinathan Dean/Faculty of Agriculture (in the chair) 
02. Snr.Prof. (Mrs).T.Mahendran Prof. and Head/Dept. of Agric. Chemistry
03. Prof.(Mrs).T.H.Seran Professor in Crop Science 
04. Prof.S.Sutharsan Professor in Crop Science 
05. Dr.M.M.Mahusoon Head/Dept. of Animal Science 
06. Dr.(Mrs).N.Rodny Fernando Head/Dept. of Agric. Biology 
07. Dr.T.Geretharan Head/Dept. of Crop Science 
08. Mrs.Thivahary Geretharan Head/Dept. of Agric. Economics 
09. Mr.M.Rajendran Head/Dept. of Agric. Engineering 
10. Dr.P.Sivarajah Senior Lecturer , Gr.I 
11. Dr.K.Premakumar Senior Lecturer , Gr.I 
12. Dr.(Mrs).P.Premanandarajah Senior Lecturer , Gr.I 
13. Mr.M.Sugirtharan Senior Lecturer, Gr.I 
14. Mr.R.Thivyatharsan Senior Lecturer, Gr.I 
15. Mr.S.Srikrishnah Senior Lecturer, Gr.II 
16. Mrs.B.Karunarathna Senior Lecturer, Gr.II 
17. Mrs.A.Sugirtharan Lecturer 
18. Mrs.E.D.J.Prince Lecturer (Prob.) 
19. Ms.S.Nishanthi Lecturer (Prob.) 
20. Mr.T.David Nidharshan Appointed member 
21. Mr.V.Perinparajah Appointed member 
22. Dr.(Mrs).M.Amirthalingam Appointed member 
23. Mr.I.G.S.Jayakodi Rep. of Student, FOA 
24. Ms.K.H.A.I.Prabhathi Rep. of Student, FOA 
25. Mr.M.Rameshkaran Farm Manager (On Invitation) 
Mrs. M.F.U.Safaya AR/Agriculture