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Centre for Sustainable Agriculture and Resource Management

Aims and Objectives:

  • Planning and execution of research into the development of technologies and resource management systems which will integrate and optimize use of resources so as to ensure their sustainability.
  • Promotion of a participatory approach to utilization, management and conservation of the Land, Water, Forest, Live-stock and Fisheries Resources of the region with emphasis on the participation of women.
  • Conducting of short-term courses and training programmes on Sustainable Agriculture and Resource Management for Persons engaged in Agriculture and Rural Development Programmes.
  • Carrying out surveys and compiling inventories of the land, water, forest, live-stock and fisheries resources of the Eastern Region.
  • Providing consultancy services and dissemination of information on Sustainable Agriculture and Natural Resource Management (SARM) by organizing seminars, workshops, trainings, discussions etc.
  • Collaborating with other institution with similar objectives- both within Sri Lanka and overseas to achieve above aims.